Have a Google Earth trip with your Skype contacts


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Maybe you have ever wanted to know what your Skype contacts visit when they use Google Earth, or maybe you want to show them a certain place... now you can do it thanks to Unype.

Unype is an application that uses Skype and Google Earth and lets you combine their features. Now you can be chatting with your friend and visit any place together, or see if one of your contacts is visiting any place with Google Earth.

Unype is still in beta version, but it looks good. You can upload your avatar, so your virtual character will be placed in the world map, you can choose if you will follow your friend or if he/she will follow you,...

Furthermore, you can see other unype users surrounding you, or in the left Google Earth Menu.

Finally, you can see if your contacts are connected and directly start a conversation just clicking its avatar in the map.

It requires Google Earthand Skype.

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